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We founded Time Action Analysis after realizing that most people are trading financial markets based only on hearsay or random hunches without doing the proper research. Often this ends up either losing money or your portfolio severely underperforming.

We are here to fix that, all while educating and empowering you to make big moves and profits.


The goal of Time Action Analysis is to provide our members with updates on the market from a time analysis perspective.

Think of us as the weather forecaster of the market – always bringing you up to date with what to expect and WHEN.

What makes Time Action Analysis different from the other sources? What are we doing differently?

We are focused on the time-side of the market – not the price-side of the market (like everyone else is doing). This makes a HUGE difference because it gives you an extra dimension – an extra layer of information that helps you make more informed and precise decisions.

What does TAA have to offer that’s unprecedented in this field?

We have developed an insanely detailed algorithm that predicts the time action of the markets like you’ve never seen before. To be the first to get ahold of the latest release and lock in our founding rates, be sure to sign up for our TAA Newsletter here.

We are here to educate and empower you to make big moves.

Welcome to Time Action Analysis. We’re glad you’re here.

Igor De Sousa

Founder & CEO of TAA

Expert Trader Analyst

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